Reflections on a Life

Reflections on a Life

Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Already Know

You already know.  The Spirit is with you, and the Spirit is in you.  John 14:7

I have read these words before, but they never meant what they did to me this morning. 
God has always been a real presence in my life.  There have been only a few moments when I wondered if I was kidding myself about God, but instantly returned to a deep and abiding faith that God is real and present.  For that I am forever grateful to my mother and other guiding lights in my life that helped me know and love this Creator of the Universe.  Better yet, helped me know that God loves even me.

The idea that some spend even a moment unsure or in disbelief that God is 'out there' watching over us and all of the people we love is incredibly sad.  Sad doesn't even come close, actually.  It breaks my heart.  Yet, whether or not someone believes in God I have always felt better remembering that God believes in them.  Some may not feel God's presence, but present God is.

The Spirit.  The breath of God.  The air that we breathe.  These are with us every moment of our lives, every place that we go, every thing that we do.  God is with us.

And God is in us.

I already know.

The Bible tells me so.

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  1. I love this article, Auntie Ruth! You have a wonderful dream that can bring the world together in love, bridging boundaries.
    Your dream of gathering women to celebrate living life fully, out loud, present and to help women voice the feelings of their heart and intuition as well as support each other in friendship, love, compassion and humor in order to bring harmony and love ever closer into this world is a very POWERFUL tool.